Phoenix Salsa Bachata dancing lessons!

Hola! Welcome & congrats on making your way to the Phoenix Salsa Lessons  dance page. If your new to dancing & you’d like to get some info about lessons and learning fun popular Latin dances like SALSA, BACHATA,  MERENGUE, & CHA CHA  you’ve come to the right place. 

Geno Garica

My name is  Geno Garcia, I’m a Latin dance instructor & choreographer. I specialize in teaching Salsa, Bachata, & merengue. I’ve been teaching Latin dance for several years. I teach singles or couples, steps & techniques you can use for social dancing or even choreograph wedding dance routines. 

On my website I’ve laid out all the basic info about prices, dance lessons, & how to get started. I know this isn’t the greatest website ever, but your dance lessons will be excellent :)


Here are all the important details for new students…

-1 on 1 private Dance classes designed for your current skill level

– Lessons are $39 each pay as you go

– Classes are about 1 hour long

– No Group Classes   (just individual or couple lessons)     

-Teaching singles or couples

– No Dance Studio (see below)

-Teaching  7 days a week

Here’s a quick Salsa/Bachata student review

Check out these  options for your Salsa & Latin Dance classes..

1. Learn @ 7th ave & Dunlap (my living room) ………….photo of dance space below :)


2. I teach freelance. Soooo, I can DRIVE OUT to you – & teach you @ your place including….Scottsdale Mesa Tempe Chandler Phoenix Goodyear Avondale Buckeye Glendale Paradise Valley…you get the idea :)


3. I also can also teach you at L.A. Fitness (all over the valley) in the dance room….Photo Below

You just either need to get a guest pass or be a member already, if your not a member there pick one of the other 2 options, por favor :)

623-628-9701 Call or Text Geno, to get started with your one on one Salsa/Bachata/Merengue dance lessons

Below is a Bachata Dance Tutorial for BEGINNERS I recenlty published, it cover 10 basic steps. Bachata has so many sexy & fun moves, this is a good start


You can start learning Latin dancing directly from an experienced teacher, that left behind the big expensive dance studios to help people out, one on one. Now you can learn straight from a certified Latin dance instructor with years of experience teaching singles, couples, and groups how to dance here in the valley. And you can do so faster, easier,and more affordable than ever. Here’s why….

I have a proven teaching style that’s worked with literally hundreds of new people to start dancing. Even if you think you don’t have any rhythm, I can and will get you moving to the music the right way.

Whichever option works best for YOU, just let me know & I’ll make it work :)

The dance lessons are about an  hour long, & I teach with a super flexible schedule. I’m pretty much teaching all the time. Just schedule ahead….

& I plan out each dance lesson in advance to make sure students are all the right techniques & moves they need and learning them as fast as possible.

You’ll learn how to follow any dance partner. You’ll learn how to move elegantly and gracefully. You’ll learn how to be sexier on the dance floor too!

You’ll gain confidence and poise through learning Geno’s Latin dance system. And you can do this without spending an arm and a leg at an expensive dance studio…..

This is the most efficient way to learn to dance Salsa, Cha cha, bachata, Merengue all those Latin dances, you get 1 on1 teaching from an expert that was named 2010 instructor of the year at a phoenix dance studio…..


-Compare the prices, no real instructor can beat lessons rate and teaching style GUARANTEED!


FUN & EXCITING NEWS….PhoenixSalsaLessons.Com Instructor Geno Garcia has just released a one of a kind Bachata Dance instructional book!  Available on  It has 106 pages, with 389 color photographs, covering 28 different Bachata moves & movements. Great for beginners!


Alright, this is the end of the website

 For Salsa, Bachata, & Merengue dance lessons Call or Text Geno @ 623.628.9701  email 

(I rarely check emails, sorry)