Phoenix Salsa Bachata Dance Instructor – Teacher Geno Garcia Bio

Phoenix Salsa Lessons GENO GARCIA  Dance Instructor Bio page 🙂

Geno Garica

 I’m a Salsa, Bachata, & Merengue Dancer/Teacher. I’ve been teaching these social Latin dances for years here in the Phoenix. Currently I only teach 1 on 1 private lessons, although occasionally I’ll teach a group class for private parties, corporate events, and other similar functions. 


Also I’ve performed various salsa & other Latin dance routines. But I currently don’t have an active dance partner or compete professionally. I mainly focus on teaching and dancing 🙂


As an instructor I really enjoy helping & teaching newer dancers get the hang of the social Latin dances and seeing them progress. My students all seem to learn super fast and make big improvements, because I strive to help them get as good as possible in the dances. I don’t hold back any of the moves, I’ll teach and dance with you as much as you can handle.

…and time to plug my book 🙂

“How to Dance Bachata”, is a full color paperback book with over 389 photos, and it explains 28 different beginner Bachata dance patterns (that’s alot btw). From the basic step, to turns, spins, styling & dips. It’s a Bachata beginners guide you don’t wanna miss!

Available on


You can get a hold of me by phone Call, Text, or smoke signal @ 623-628-9701 

 I don’t have a secretary to answer my calls or texts, if I don’t answer please leave a voice mail or even better just text me & I promise I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I’m not teaching or driving 🙂

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